SwineCast update for May 13, 2010, How Can Enzootic Pneumonia Effect Your Operations?

An important update from past NPPC president Don Butler on three Free Trade Agreements which are complete in every respect except… we’re waiting on Congressional passage. Given the twin hammers of H1N1 and world economic upheaval, the U.S. pork industry is doing all it can to grow demand through exports and maintain the black ink of the past few months.

We’ve received an updated 'At The Meeting' presentation looking at Enzootic Pneumonia, with many thanks to sponsor Boehringer-Ingelheim for this important information.

We’re headed for Des Moines June 8 for the World Pork Expo. Send me a note and let's touch base; I'll even buy the coffee!

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SwineCast® Conversations

What is the PorkBridge Training Program?

MP3 filePorkBridge Training Program is being offered through the Iowa State Extension. Ken Stalder shares what is covered in the program and how it can help provide training and education without disrupting management and production staff time.

How Can Enzootic Pneumonia Effect Your Operations?

MP3 fileDr. Bob Morrison, At The Meeting Group, discusses Enzootic Pneumonia issues with special guests Dr. Jim Lowe of the Carthage Vet Service and Dr. Erin Johnson, professional services veterinarian at Boehringer-Ingelheim.

Coping With Animal Law Claims

MP3 fileJohn Simpson, partner at Fulbright & Jaworski, LLP, discusses recent rulings and explains strategies for dealing with activist lawsuits.

Agriculture Telling its Story

On The Farm: Tennessee Floods and Effects on TN Agriculture Melissa Burniston (@mburniston ) of the Tennessee Farm Bureau shares information about the flood impacts to agriculture in Tennessee.

Farm Bill 2012 Conversations Staring The Farm Bill 2012 is already being developed. What are the impacts and where will the money flow?

Immigration Reform While immigration reform has been something the U.S. Congress has talked about for years, the recent Arizona legislation is forcing actions to occur. What are the effects of immigration reform to agriculture, agribusiness, and consumers? Resources, links, and commentary included.

SwineCast® Conference Connection

Don't miss these highly rates presentations from the 2010 Animal Ag Alliance Stakeholder's Summit: Truth, Lies and Videotape: Is Activism Jeopardizing Our Food Security?

Video fileVideo: Preventing Undercover Employment Operations Houston Johnson, Uniform Patrol and Tactical Team Commander, Harker Heights (TX) Police Department.

Video fileVideo: Ensuring Healthy Animals and Food Safety – The Need to Preserve Antibiotics Randall Singer, Ph.D, DVM, Associate Professor, Epidemiology, University of Minnesota.

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