SwineCast update for October 1, 2009, What Do Consumers Want to Hear?

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Coming off of a couple of outstanding conferences. Especially want to draw your attention to the information posted from the Leman conference. The University of Minnesota was kind enough to allow SwineCast full access to speakers and presentations. We’ve done some cherry-picking to bring you the best.

John Deen’s presentation on Culling Decisions may help the return to profitability. And Charlie Arnot’s comments on What Consumers Want To Hear is an excellent industry primer on reaching our ultimate customer and providing them with not just a health product but also a healthy perspective.

Three recent conferences… Carthage Vet Services, Midwest Pork Conference and now the Leman Conference. SwineCast is bringing you the information. All your missing is a cup of coffee… but we’re working on that!

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  • SwineCast 0469 MP3 fileRaising Entire Boars. Audio presentation from the Leman conference featuring Mick Hazzledine of Premier Nutrition sharing his experience on raising boars in the U.K. and elsewhere. Looking for solutions to the industry's boar taint concerns.
  • SwineCast 0468 MP3 fileWhat Consumers Want to Hear. A contributor to the excellent lineup at Leman, Charlie Arnot of the Center for Food Integrity shares what consumers want to hear and how to best connect.
  • SwineCast 0467 MP3 fileIs It Time To Eliminate PRRS?. Selected comments from the Leman Keynote speech looking at the global swine industry with Dr. Tim Loula of Swine Vet Services. Dr Loula suggests the time is ripe to attack our most serious herd health issues. Can PRRS be eliminated throughout North America?
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  • Link to blog"How the Mighty Fall--and Why Some Companies Never Give In": by Don Tyler. "Jim Collins’ new book, 'How the Mighty Fall' is a great read for any business going through difficult financial situations—and those who want to avoid them. Though the title may initially cause you to think, ‘That’s all I need, more negativity!” the book provides empirical information on the common steps that highly visible companies have gone through in their decline, and others that turned it around mid-crisis."
  • Link to blogLifting Of Funding Ban On Chinese Chicken Risk Assessment Could Help U.S. Pork Producers: The National Pork Producers Council commended conferees on the agriculture appropriations bill, on text slated for the FY 2010 agriculture appropriations conference report regarding the use of appropriated funds by USDA with respect to potential imports of poultry products from China.

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