SwineCast update for September 17, 2009, What is the FDA's Perspective on Food Safety?

Just back from the Midwest Pork Conference. We had a conversation with Dr. Tom Gillespie, Rennselaer Swine Services, about the metric of 30 pigs per sow per year, and learned from Dr. Larry Rueff, Greensburg's Swine Vet Services, about the future of swine influenza virus (SIV) management.

Next stop St. Paul for the annual UMN Leman conference. This excellent program always visits top issues and ongoing concerns for swine vets and producers with top names in the world sharing their learnings. Dr. Peter Davies is this year’s coordinator.

This is a good place to plug those fairly regular presentations by The Morrison Group – “At The Meeting”. Those audio programs with leading vets typically follow gatherings like the Leman conference and are posted at SwineCast.com with the support of Boehringer-Ingelheim. Good information and easy to take with you on that next trip.

2009 Midwest Pork Conference
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  • Link to blogWhen will it ever get better?: by Mark Greenwood. "I cannot tell you how many times I have been asked this question over the past year. It seems so long ago in 2007 when the industry had strong profits and strong balance sheets. The answer I keep telling people over and over again is if demand stays sluggish it could take up to 2011 for the industry to be consistently profitable again." Here are more thoughts from Mark Greenwood.
  • Link to blogReminder that H1N1 is not transmitted through food (pork): from the NPPC. "The National Pork Producers Council told foreign officials that the U.S. pork industry and the U.S. government are gearing up for a return of the novel H1N1 flu and that both would continue to get out the messages that the flu is not transmitted through food (pork) and that pork is safe to eat." Discover more about what the NPPC advised foreign officials on the pork industry.

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