SwineCast update for September 29, 2010, What Was Said At The Leman Conference?

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Agriculture Telling its Story

  • Video: The Baler Rolls - a song about baling hay - "The Singing Dairyman" strikes again, this time with an off-key melody about baling hay. Will Gilmer, Gilmer Dairy Farm, shares his penchant for singing while working.
  • Connecting Food, Nutrition, and Farms - Learn more about what dietitians and nutritionists think about food, how they write about it, and where they connect with farms.
  • Food Safety News - Food safety is again in the media and is of increasing concern to consumers. Food Safety News is an important resource to understand food safety issues, legal points of view, and details on recalls.
  • Translating Science Behind Food and Ag to Non-Farmers - How can scientists change their communication to help non-farmers understand their science? What's the best method to convey science to producers? This AgChat discussion shares thoughts from farmers, ranchers, scientists, and consumers.
  • Audio: How Can Those In Agriculture Share Their Story? - The Agvocacy 2.0 Training conference convened 60 people in agriculture who also are focused on telling their agriculture story to a broad non-farm audience. This wrap-up provides insight and perspective from the event. Also, the conference saw the video release of the Evolution of Online Agvocacy.

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