SwineCast update for September 3, 2009, What happened at Carthage Vet Service (CVS) Annual Swine Conference?

Update for September 3, 2009

Just back from the recent Carthage Vet Service (CVS) Annual Swine Conference in Macomb, IL, USA. Dr. Joe Connor reported attendance near last year’s level, surely good news in the current climate. Very direct comments from a number of speakers relating to production practices in various sessions including Sow Farm Management, Wean to Finish, Ventilation and a new session on Employee Management, where I spent my break-out session time. More Annual Swine Conference material will be published over next few days.

We’ll be sharing comments from the speakers who have agreed to allow us to do so. Overall, CVS knows how to do this program and keeps on top of key industry issues. Dr Sarah Probst-Miller filled a couple of speaker slots including an employee session and an introduction to Pfizer’s 'Walking the Pen' swine production simulation.


Suvaxyn has also been sponsoring CVS P's in a Pod podcast, featuring in-depth presentations on SIV Zoonotic Potential and Torque Teno Virus (TTV), discussed at CVS’ website and here at SwineCast.com (Dr. Sarah Probst Miller on TTV and Carthage Vet Services Shares On SIV).

Here in September we’ll see some of you at the Midwest Pork Conference and others in St. Paul for the Annual Leman Conference from the University of Minnesota. Thanks for staying connected!

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