The (multi)million-dollar question Research Answers: Who Listens to Ag Podcasts Anyways?

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Answer this question correctly and win…an attentive audience of targeted and influential decision makers! The question is: Who listens to agricultural podcasts?

The correct answer? Vital players from every sector of the swine industry who hold key purchasing power. In short, the people you need to reach!

Podcasting has truly arrived. Not just another member of the audience, podcasting is taking center stage and beating out media competition in today’s marketing game—recent listener demographics show winning proof.

In 2004 podcasting came on the scene as a recognized form of interactive media. However, agricultural media experts have long questioned its relevance in the industry. Is this new format just for the “techy” sector? Not in the slightest, proves new research by TruffleMedia Networks, the leading producer of agricultural podcasts.

A recent membership survey of SwineCast, one of five ag podcast shows produced by Truffle Media Networks, shows members from all sectors of the swine industry are engaging in podcasts, resulting in groundbreaking audience reach and penetration. This includes reaching 60% of the top US pork production companies. These exciting numbers offer a modern solution to an age-old dilemma—how do you get your message to the right consumers?

Total number of registered members at = 2,565 members: How about starting with 2,565 of the “right consumers” —that’s the current number of SwineCast registered users. Take that number, then compound it by the unequaled value of an active, engaged and relevant audience. Podcasts are unique from other media because listeners actively choose to listen. While they are engaged there are no competing media messages. In addition, topic-specific programming draws a targeted audience.

But there’s more. Among those 2,565 listeners important demographics emerge, revealing permeation within the top tier of pork producers and a wide range of involvement throughout all sectors. Here are some highlights:

Top 20 U.S. Pork Companies = 385 members: SwineCast has members from within every single top 20 U.S. pork company. This is the mighty group of kings and kingmakers coveted by marketers. These companies are the early adopters, the influencers and the decision makers. A whopping 15% of SwineCast membership is comprised of this valuable audience. Now that’s an answer to targeted marketing that’s almost too easy.

Live Production = 531 members: Comprising the largest percentage of SwineCast members is the critical foundation of the industry—live hog producers. They are invested in this business, and take their news and information as if their livelihood depends on it. Because it does. If you’re looking for a straight line to those who study the bottom line, SwineCast offers it.

Swine Veterinarians = 285 members: No one monitors the pulse of the swine industry (literally!) better than swine veterinarians. Only slightly more than 250 veterinarians in the U.S. specialize in swine practice— SwineCast reaches those, and then some! This attentive audience is interested in health research and new products, and they are listening to the beat of podcasts.

Swine Nutritionists = 32 members: Define requirements and create the best performance solution—that’s the job of swine nutritionists. Sounds a lot like Truffle Media Networks. Ag podcasts combine the positive components of traditional media, then reach beyond the norm to formulate an affordable, efficient media package. Swine nutritionists, among others, are eating it up.

Advertising/PR Agency = 139 members: Ad agencies scrutinize marketing venues—and they are keeping their eyes (and ears) on podcasting and utilizing it to meet client goals. Faced with increasing demands to deliver measurable, effective marketing, agencies are finding podcasting is a quantifiable method that gets results.

Education = 317 members: These listeners are educating the workforce of tomorrow. And to do that, education professionals in the swine industry are turning to SwineCast to get information. Colleges are expected epicenters of technology—mainly due to students. The fact that educators themselves are also embracing podcasting is a great lesson on the impact of this medium.

Government = 59 members: Policy makers and officials are not just making news, they are listening to it as well—via SwineCast. Providing a mix of industry updates, interviews and meeting happenings, podcasts are directly impacting those who shape and enforce regulations and trade.

Organization/Association = 150 members: Members of trade associations and organizations are activists by nature—they choose to belong and be involved. Members of this sector are both producers and spokespersons, and depend on news to remain profitable and formulate ideas. They recognize leadership when they see it—and they’ve elected a leader in SwineCast.

From the board meeting to the farm, put an ear to the swine industry, and you’ll find you are hearing SwineCast and other agricultural podcasts.

Convinced you can be a winner with this medium? Then come on down to and find out how podcasting will deliver your message to a targeted audience of loyal and engaged listeners. If you are interested in other Truffle community profiles visit

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