The National Pork Producers Council links with SwineCast®

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INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana, March 5th, 2009 - The National Pork Producers Council links with SwineCast®. Trade leader, regarded podcast team up to deliver actionable information.

Truffle Media Networks announced the National Pork Producers Council is the newest sponsor of SwineCast® ( - the pork industry’s most listened to podcast. With this collaboration the leading trade group will support delivery of actionable news and industry conversations to SwineCast listeners worldwide.

“The National Pork Producers Council is the flagship organization of the swine industry,” said Ned Arthur, host of SwineCast and director of content development for Truffle Media Networks. “We value this opportunity to join forces in communicating with and enhancing dialogue among industry stakeholders.”

Truffle Media Networks produces SwineCast, a twice-weekly podcast show that also offers an online portal of news headlines and proceedings from related conferences and meetings. SwineCast has been podcasting to listeners across the globe for four years.

The National Pork Producers Council conducts public-policy outreach and works to enhance the success of U.S. pork producers and other stakeholders by establishing the U.S. pork industry as a consistent supplier of high-quality pork to domestic and world markets.

“This partnership is a natural fit as the issues that NPPC deals with on a daily basis are issues that affect SwineCast listeners,” added Arthur. “We look forward to the interaction among this industry leader and our SwineCast community.”

SwineCast is available at For more information on the National Pork Producers Council, visit

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Ned Arthur
Truffle Media Networks


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