Truffle Media Networks helps brings NIAA 2009 "The Changing Face of Animal Agriculture" information to industry

NIAA 2009 Annual Meeting The Changing Face of Animal Agriculture INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana, March 6, 2009 - The Changing Face of Animal Agriculture conversations to be available through Truffle Media Networks.

Truffle Media Networks and The National Institute for Animal Agriculture are partnering to bring to the industry selected presentations and conversations from the The Changing Face of Animal Agriculture conference, March 31 - April 1, 2009, Louisville, Kentucky, USA. These presentations will cover policy, environmental, consumer, and production issues and opportunities.

"This is the second year we're bringing NIAA information to animal production industry professionals," said Ned Arthur, Truffle Media Network's Director of Content Development. "We are providing selected conference presentations through the Truffle Media show series BeefCast®, DairyCast®, PoultryCast®, and SwineCast®. This digital delivery allows for discovering and using the information in a variety of ways over time."

The conference material will be available in the Conference Connection for each of the show series web sites:  BeefCast®, DairyCast®, PoultryCast®, and SwineCast®.


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