Truffle Media Update for Dec 15, 2010, American Grass-Fed Producer Challenges

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Marketing Posts To Help You

  1. An incredibly simple way to test your calls to action - Christopher S. Penn offers some great insight on your call to action: "Google recently implemented Instant Preview in their search results, a small magnifying glass that appears next to each listing. Clicking on or anywhere near it brings up a thumbnail version of your web site."
  2. Don't Do This: Street Marketing's Graffiti - Cities all over are cracking down on a form of marketing that some police liken to graffiti vandalism — much of it paid for by such marquee companies as Microsoft Corp. and others.
  3. American Grass-Fed Producer Challenges - Food + Tech Connect blog shares challenges American grass-fed meat producers face: Demand is not enough! "Grass-fed beef has become a household name, but despite unprecedented awareness and demand, many American producers find themselves struggling to make a living, battling against infrastructural flaws brought about by decades of agricultural consolidation."

How Are Agricultural Stories Being Told?

  1. Good Numbers to Know, They Impact Agriculture - One of the best explanations of the top level financial numbers that summarize world behavior.
  2. 10 Rules of Online Engagement for the Kicking and Screaming - Dan Toland, Ohio Farm Bureau Federation communications specialist, and author of “Discover Your Social Web: An Ohio Farm Bureau Guide to Social Media,” provides practical and usable actions for agriculture social media use.
  3. Success In Ag - What does success in agriculture look like in 2011? How can you measure that success? This AgChat conversation shares thoughts and ideas as 2010 closes and 2011 opens.
  4. Audio: What is Fueling Ethanol? - Matt Hartwig, The Renewable Fuels Association (RFA), shares thoughts on legislation supporting the Volumetric Ethanol Excise Tax Credit (aka VEETC) and possible changes in 2011.

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