Truffle Media update for April 13, 2010, Is print still king?

Agriculture 2.0 aims to bring capital to the agriculture industry to develop and launch out new ideas around ag sustainability, food production, energy, and agri-tech. ... Posts that might be of value to you Rework book 39 Social Media Tools Is print still king Truffle Media hightlights One Health: Implications for Animal Agriculture Presentations from the 2010 NIAA annual conference, held March 15 - 17, 2010, Kansas City, Missouri, are now available.

Agriculture Stories Being Told

  • How is agriculture using social media? Agri-professionals discuss how social media can help them improve communications between farmers and consumers.
  • College Aggies Online, a joint venture of the Animal Agriculture Alliance and American National CattleWomen, Inc., announced the winners of the College Aggies Online community contest. U.S. university agriculture-focused clubs from all universities with an agricultural academic program were invited to participate. Student groups earned points by posting blogs, photos and videos to College Aggies Online and by participating in digital outreach activities. The winning team was Western Kentucky University Block and Bridle and the top individual was Celeste Laurent, Western Kentucky University. See the point leader page for details.
  • The AgChat Foundation formed at the one year anniversary of the start of #AgChat. The AgChat Foundation has four program areas focused on social media: Agvocacy 2.0 Training, Strategic Agvocacy Coordination, Data Analysis, and Technology Scholarships.
  • What is Agriculture 2.0? Agriculture 2.0 aims to bring capital to the agriculture industry to develop and launch out new ideas around ag sustainability, food production, energy, and agri-tech.

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Posts that might be of value to you

  • Must read: Rework. This book tells it like it is: taking an idea and building a business does not need to be overly complicated yet somehow complications creep in. Rework highlights many of those complication and why they should go away. Some great quotes include "Interruption is the enemy of productivity" and "Start a business, not a startup".
  • 39 Social Media Tools to consider. This is a fast changing space but this list is a great start for those looking to find a few usable tools.
  • Is print still king? Has online made a move? This is a detailed analysis on the behavior of reading news in a newspaper versus the newspaper's website. Summary: "U.S. newspapers have not pushed much of their audience to their websites, nor have they followed the migration of their readership to the web. Their combined print and online readership metrics, whether measured in pageviews or in time spent, show that there’s been significant attrition since last year in the total audience for newspaper content, and that the fraction of that audience consuming newspaper content online remains in the low-to-mid single digits."

Truffle Media hightlights

  • From BeefCast: Beef Update on Capital Hill. Colin Woodall, National Cattlemen's Beef Association Executive Director of Legislative Affairs, brings us up to speed on all of the cattle producer issues being considered on capitol hill.
  • From DairyCast: AI Pregnancy Rate. Dr. Cliff Lamb, University of Florida, provides information on how you can increase your artificial insemination pregnancy rates in your cows. Read the transcripts or listen to the audio of Dr. Cliff Lamb.
  • From PoultryCast: Food Borne Mycotoxins, The Threat To Poultry. Dr. Trevor Smith, University of Guelph, shares his information on Mycotoxins at the Midwest Poultry Federation Convention.
  • From SwineCast: What are Some Control Options for H1N1?. Dr. Sarah Probst-Miller returns with her Carthage Swine Vet Service colleagues for this most recent P's In A Pod program looking at H1N1, it's impact on the industry last year and control considerations and options.
  • From CropVillage: One World, One Health: The global food basket. Dr. Corrie Brown, University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine, talks about the concept of One World, One Health: The global food basket.
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