Truffle Media Update for April 28, 2010, What are you doing to connect with agri-professionals?

Agriculture Stories Being Told

  • Precision ag technologies drive new #agtech talk In agriculture, technology being used today is very different than 5 years ago. The future will continue to bring new ways of making, marketing, and selling agriculture products. #AgTech on Twitter, 12-1pm CDT April 30, 2010 starts a conversation on agriculture technology and its impact.
  • Connecting Agricultural Media To Conversations This working model shares insights from 5 years in the digital agricultural media space working to connect with farmers, producers, and agri-professionals. Take away? Cross Connect; Measure, Understand, Adjust, Act, Repeat; and Best Practices? Practice, Practice, and more Practice.
  • NAMA Agri-Marketing Conference Conversations from NAMA 2010 Agri-Marketing Conference: interviews, photos, and resource links.
  • New Ag Media Model Paulsen Marketing published market research on two generational agri-professional points of view. Some observations: Digital media is supplementing traditional media, not replacing it, The source of information is more important than the channel, and Digital media is scalable and can be a cost-efficient media to test. This research contains several video conversations with producers across several ag industry segments and demographics.

Truffle Media Networks brings focused agricultural conversations to agri-business professionals across the beef, dairy, poultry, swine, and crop industries. Learn more how Truffle Media Networks can help you connect with agri-professionals.

Posts that might be of value to you

  • A Simple Matrix For Social Media Engagement Tom Webster from Edison Research provides a clearer path to thinking about all the pieces you need to have in place before you dive in to the social media pool. Tom says "Note that this doesn't tell you how to do, but how to think. You get to write the story for how to do, like everyone else in this nascent space."
  • View from the Social inbox 2010 Merkle, a customer relationship marketing agency, provides a market research white paper on how social media, email, and other digital media plays a part in communication and marketing.

Truffle Media hightlights

  • From BeefCast: Is More Brazilian Beef Bound for the US? Glynn Tonsor, new livestock economist at Kansas State, share his thoughts on the current cattle market trends as well as some global impacts on our marketplace.
  • From DairyCast: Update on Traceability. Dr. Richard Breitmeyer, State Veterinarian for the California Department of Food and Agriculture, provides California perspective on traceability.
  • From PoultryCast: Ag Economy Overview - Better Than The General Economy? Brian Briggeman of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City shares a look at the agricultural economy in comparison with the anticipated rebound in the general economy.
  • From SwineCast: Canadian Herd Buyout Explained. Jurgen Preugschas, president of the Canadian Pork Council, explains outcomes of recent programs the Canadian government has extended to the pork industry.
  • From CropVillage: What Might Agricultural Field Robots Look Like? Rasmus Nyholm Jørgensen describes research and future of agricultural field robots.
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