Truffle Media update for Aug 4, 2009, Twitter says #moo

Aug 4th, 2009

What is being said in agriculture new/social media?
  • From American Farm Bureau FBlog, The Day Twitter Said #Moo:"For roughly 8 hours this past Sunday [August 3] afternoon, #moo was trending on Twitter, a popular micro-blogging website. For the non-tweeting among us, that means that the phrase "#moo" was repeated so often in people's Twitter posts that the system took notice. The term itself was intended as a show of support for America's dairy farm families while they try to survive this current cycle of prolonged and painfully low milk prices." Read more.
  • From American Public Media's Marketplace, Milk prices squeeze dairy farmers: "Milk may be a bit cheaper these days than this time last year. That's good news for your wallet, but times aren't so good for dairy farmers. Sarah McCammon reports." Listen to audio.
  • From BBC: When Markets Go Mad, Tom Grisafi, Indiana Grain Company, uses social media to check the pulse of commodity markets. Watch video.
  • Reminder: #agchat August 4, 8pm - 10pm EDT. Topic is H20 conservation & improvement. Participate in conversation and learn more of H2O issues .
New media & social information that might be of value to you:
  • From Marketing Profs: Are You Socially Acceptable? "One reason social media sites have caught on like wildfire among users is that, by and large, they operate on basic principles of social decency. Now, be honest: Do your social-media skills match the subtle standards set at sites like Twitter and YouTube?".
  • From Chris Brogan: The Importance of Digital Touch. To be of real value, your implementation of social media must be more than "following" people... you really need to really stay in touch. Chris says "And in this case, “touch” means a connection of our presence to theirs such that the other person knows that you’re still paying attention, that they matter, and that there’s still a tie there. It’s the equivalent of stopping by for a quick cup of coffee, or even just sending a hand-written note (but that’s a matter for another post)."
  • From Marketing Over Coffee: Are you testing your email marketing campaigns? Marketing Over Coffee offers some advice on Taguchi methods with "Back When We Invented Taguchi Email" and "Now with More Taguchi!".
Send us a note if you are using new / social media in agriculture and we will include it in next Truffle update.

Truffle Media Job Watch Tools:
  • Job lists are good leading sources of what might happen in the world. In the agricultural industry, there are several job listing sources on which to keep an eye.
    • , , AgJobNetwork , Hansen Agri-Placement , and Ag1Source all have useful tools to search for jobs. But the real power monitoring comes from the RSS feeds (see RSS in plain English video for background). With an RSS feed you can quickly scan job listings.
    • Some good examples include RSS feeds from (RSS page) and Remember, these RSS information feeds only give you information about a listed position, it wouldn't get you the job... You still need to do the hard work to get it.
    • One interesting use of RSS feeds is monitoring competitors. Using you can filter by company, key words, or job title. Who is Pioneer Hi-Bred looking for? Use this feed. What is Monsanto up to? Do a search!
Ag Media Conversations:
  • MP3 fileAudio AMC 0027 - Dino Giacomazzi, a California dairy producer, accepts the responsibility of engaging in social media to educate consumers.
  • MP3 fileAudio AMC 0026 - conversation with Ray Prock of Ray-Lin Dairy.
  • MP3 fileAudio AMC 0025 - Monsanto using new and social media, conversation with Kathleen Manning.

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