Truffle Media update for February 17, 2010, Who Are the Social and New Media Agricultural Connectors?

Agriculture discussions on Social Media channels
  • Farming Your Online Community: Social Networks and Beyond Michele Payn-Knoper, Cause Matters Corp., says "If you do not learn how to use social media to tell your story in agriculture, others will, and possibly already are!"
  • Farmers Are Using New / Social Media FollowFarmer has a set of curated set of Twitter based agricultural participants.
  • Herding Cats When did this video first air? Sharon L. got the answer back first and correct: "The famous 'Cat Herders' commercial is from Electronic Data Systems and aired at the 2000 Super Bowl." Thanks to all those that responded.
  • Animal Care #Agchat discussion on Twitter. Contains responses to questions, resource links, and transcript of conversations.
  • Food Consumer Insight Panel #Foodchat brought together four non-agricultural food consumers to share their thoughts on issues and concerns on food and its production. This was an opportunity for those in agriculture to listen.
Social and new media conversations that might be of value to you:
  • Atoms Are the New Bits This story in Wired Magazine highlights a new kind of social network, the "getting work done" network. The article focuses on the changing nature of manufacturing and how a network of partners can work together to create physical products. A social network is utilized to create prototypes, crowd source designs, and make products through small production runs. Some of this model can be used in other industries. Any business in which information is core can be put to a social and partner network to add value and increase business revenue/productivity.
  • Social Media and Mobile Internet Use "A new Pew Internet Project report reveals a decline in blogging among Millennials but a modest rise among adults ages 30 and older. Young adults continue to lead the way in other online avenues, however. Millennials are increasingly connecting to the internet wirelessly (81% have), and nearly three in four of those who go online use social networking sites. Teens do not use Twitter in large numbers, but high-school-age girls show the greatest enthusiasm for the application."
Truffle Media hightlights
  • Grassroots beef producers engage industry Also from the Cattle Industry Annual Convention, issues are debated with various industry leaders about the current state and future of the business. Part 1 and Part 2. This panel talks about product demand realization, staying relevant for a consumer, ranch estate and succession planning, defending modern production technologies, European super market trends quickly coming to the USA, and sustainability is something on which you need to be planning now.
  • Consumers Are Interested Animal Husbandry Dr. Ed Pajor shares thoughts on the growing consumer's interest in animal husbandry.

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