Truffle Media Update for February 3, 2009, Do I spend money on Expos and Conferences? How about going digital?

Agriculture diarama by Frankie Roberto Truffle Media Update
February 3rd, 2009

Truffle team is back from three ag conferences: The International Poultry Expo (IPE), The Cattle Industry Annual Convention (CIAC), and the Iowa Pork Congress (IPC): General observation: Conference / Expo exhibitor and attendee attendance is down (eye ball report for IPC and CIAC: attendees down 30% to 40% over last year).

An over heard comment form the floor: "we are pulling back to what we know, even though we would like to try something new if we had the money". So there is a desire to connect product to customer but economy is driving marketing people to familiar territory, even though there is a feeling that familiar territory is not giving them what they seek.

What are you hearing from your marketing networks about conferences and expos? Are they a place to spend in next 6 to 18 months? What advice are you providing your clients on marketing dollar spends with respect to physical presence at conferences and expos? Are you considering totally virtual events?

Here are some examples of webinars or virtual meeting tools:

In the last Truffle Media update I mentioned some ag focused social media groups or web sites. Here are some others to keep an eye on.

Some Ag Media Conversations you may have missed:

  • MP3 fileAudio link: AMC 0019 - Mark Jewell of Ag Job Network shares thoughts on new ways to look for a for a job in agriculture, by using the tools and language of high school students and college graduates: Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and other social media tools.

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The Truffle Media Networks team

Photo "Agriculture diarama" by Frankie Roberto.