Truffle Media Update for January 21, 2009, Tips on listening to the agriculture conversations

Truffle Media Update
January 21, 2009

How are you listening to your customers or partners? What is the market saying? How can you follow what is happening in the agriculture world? There are several great opportunities to get started and tap in to listening.
What does Truffle use? Google Alerts, Twitter search, and delicious. Each of these tools are bound together using the power of RSS feed (RSS? see great video Common Craft: RSS in Plain English ) that can be easily scanned with an RSS reader, like Google Reader.

What do these technical web sites have to do with media, marketing, and conversations in ag? They are the tools of the trade now and if you are not using them your competition most certainly is.

Before the common use of computers, the "traditional" approach to getting information on competitors was through research conduced by research firms (who hired people to collect and compile). Other methods used social clubs and connections; those golf games and parties were more than just for fun... You learned a lot about what was happening.

These traditional approaches still are valid and useful. The value of web site tools allow you to scale and gain access to far more people than attending a party or conference ever can.

To help with an ag perspective, here are some ag focused social media groups or web sites.
  • Farmers of the Future ( ), a social media site setup by AgricutlureOnline. This is a platform on which people can join, participate in discussions and conversations about agriculture, find people with interesting skills, and stay connected.
  • National FFA fan page on Facebook ( Hey, the National FFA has to use the same tools their members use!
  • The Ag Job Network ( Mark Jewell is seeking to connect people in the ag industry looking for jobs to those ag companies that offer jobs. His approach is to put a human touch to that connection.
  • AgriScribe (beta, is an experiment in making grassroots ag news easily sharable, put together by Flint Holbrook, an FFA Officer in South Carolina.

Hope this helps. If you discover more ag focused social media site, send us a note (

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Thanks, again, for listening!

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