Truffle Media Update for July 8, 2010, Where To Discover Agriculture Information

Marketing Posts To Help You

  1. 95-Point Quick-Start Marketing Checklist This PDF is helpful in reminding people about marketing planning, measurement, strategy vs. tactics, and follow-up. At a minimum, this check list will help you discover some areas to review.
  2. Social Media And Agriculture The Ohio Farm Bureau offers those in agriculture a set of media tools to help get involved in sharing their story. A great example of this was highlighted in the Associated Press story Farmers defend way of life with Facebook, Twitter.
  3. Agriculture Uses Contests To Create Engagement Creating media is a fun way to bring people together and share ideas about a cause or an idea. This summer there are several agriculture focused media creation contests being run, with the focus on ice cream, dairy, and helping consumers to learn about farming operations.

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You Need To Know: Agricultural Stories Being Told

  1. Got a Farm Blog? #AgBlog it - Janice Person suggested a blog / Twitter hash tag #AgBlog as a was to help discover new agriculture focused blog posts. Within this blog post's comments are several insightful notes from Nate Taylor and Darin Grimm.
  2. Change The Game Seminar - Boehringer Ingelheim brought together experts in the field of Porcine Reproductive & Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS) during World Pork Expo 2010 in Des Moines, IA. Several researchers and production managers shared their efforts on area control and elimination of the PRRS virus.
  3. AgChat Foundation Announces Farmer-Oriented Social Media Training - Farmers from even the most remote small towns are engaging life-long city dwellers in stories of their farm through social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. These conversations are at the core of building understanding of agriculture by the 98 percent of Americans not living on the farm. Improving individual effectiveness is the goal of the AgChat Foundation’s first training session to help farmers be more effective in telling their personal story.
  4. Heat Stress on Cows - Dr. Larry Hollis, cattle veterinarian at Kansas State University, provides guidance on detecting and treatment of heat stress in cattle. Audio: Detection and Treatment.
  5. 2010 World Pork Expo interviews - Lots to see and learn from the 2010 World Pork Expo. Conversations from NPPC board members and Expo attendees revealing better mood than in prior years, though there are topics that are important to pork industry success.

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