Truffle Media update for March 11, 2009, agriculture and new media, what to keep an eye on.

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Truffle Media Update

March 11th, 2009

First, media & social information that might be of value to you:
  • Chris Brogan wrote a great article  "Social Media's 'Gee-Whiz Factor' Must Die: Time to Get Down to Business" for Marketing Profs. While the article does cost money, Marketing Profs offers a free trial period that you can easily take advantage of to get this and other useable media / marketing tools. Excerpting from the article "Social media is cool! Blogging and podcasts are cool! We’re so cutting edge! Twitter is like the future here today, and no one knows about it! Yeah, whatever. The people looking at social media long and hard fall into a few camps, and I’m writing this for those who are scrunching their noses up and asking, “how exactly does this improve my business?” "
  • HARO - Help A Reporter Out™, this is a great simple tool to see what topics are being considered in the press. Also, if you are a reporter then this is a great, no-cost, source lead service.
Who is using new/social media in Ag?
  • Kay at Capital Press reminded me that they are on Facebook and Twitter, providing both with updates and stories.
  • Purdue University's International Progams In Agriculture is using a variety of media tools (blogs and photo sites) to share student experiences.
  • Virginia Tech College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, besides Facebook, they use Twitter to share updates on research and goings on at VT.
Trends sources to review
  • Pete Blackshaw Of Nielsen Online Gives Predictions For 2009.
Recent Truffle Media Productions

The Truffle team is at the Western Dairy Management Conference this week, and we just returned from the Pork Industry Forum/AASV with several conversations with industry leaders. We are attending the Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association annual convention and the National Institute for Animal Agriculture 2009 annual meeting, both of which will have key presentations available on several Truffle show series (BeefCast, DairyCast, and SwineCast).

New Ag Media Conversations released: Jennette Fulda, Author of "Half-Assed, A Weight Loss Memoir", highlights some of the new media actions she took to promote her book. She shares her promotion actions, from appearing on the Today Show and doing real book tours, to virtual book tours and setting up Facebook pages. Plus she gives her thoughts on future "new media".
  • Audio: Jennette Fulda on using new media channels to promote ideas.
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The Truffle Media Networks team

Photo of sand sculpture of cows at the 2009 Cattle Industry Annual Conference.