Truffle Media update for March 31, 2009, Pork Industry Forum AKarlie Justus from NC Dept. of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

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Truffle Media Update

March 31th, 2009

First, media & social information that might be of value to you: Who is using new/social media in Ag?
  • "Farming, Agriculture and Social Media": Interesting post from 2007 (!) gives perspective on social media and agriculture.
  • Monsanto is upping its communication via several fronts (Monsanto blog, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube ) and generating discussion on many sides. Learn more about Monsanto and this campaign from the article "Planting cyber seeds" in the March 29, 2009 St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Why is Monsanto doing this? "There was this big conversation going on (on the Internet), and we (Monsanto) weren't a part of it". (fyi, to read/see some of the banter, use this RSS feed).
Recent Truffle Media Productions

The Truffle team is at the National Institute for Animal Agriculture 2009 annual meeting, both of which will have key presentations available on several Truffle show series (BeefCast, DairyCast, and SwineCast). Also, The Truffle team has recently published a series from the Pork Industry Forum, the Boehringer-Ingelheim Swine Health Seminar, and the Silage Research Roundtable.

New Ag Media Conversations released: Karlie Justus.
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