Truffle Media update for May 20, 2009, build those relationships before we need them

New media & social information that might be of value to you:
  • From Sandy Carter, IBM VP of SOA and WebSphere Strategy, Channels, and Marketing, 'Is social media right for every business?'... Sandy's response "I think that this question is the wrong one. The right one is -- what is your overall goal for your company and its business model? What is your compelling value proposition that truly sets you apart? Then you can decide which social media tools to add to your overall company strategy and execution." Read more from Sandy at Marketing Profs article and listen to her interview (part 1 and part 2).
  • Chris Brogan ( has an eBook Trust Economies: Investigation into the New ROI of the Web that starts with "If You Build It, They Won’t Come". The book reminds us that relationships come before the sale and that we need to build those relationships before we need them. This is an easy read and highly recommended to share with friends and associates.
  • PodCamp Boston New Media Social Media Conference, August 8-9, 2009, University of Massachusetts - Boston. This is a hotspot of new and social media. Register soon as tickets are limited to 350. Can't get to Boston? There are several other regional new/social media conferences: Columbus, Ohio; Tempe, Arizona; Houston, Texas.
Who is using new/social media in Ag? Send us a note if you are using new / social media in agriculture and we will include it in next Truffle update.

Recent Truffle Media Productions

  • In 50 years we will produce 100% more food - Jeff Simmons, Elanco Animal Health, had a conversation with Truffle Media's Trent Fredenburg about what is needed to meet the world's food needs. Listen to the interview or read the white paper: Food Economics and Consumer Choice.

Ag Media Conversations for this update.
  • MP3 fileAudio Conversaton with Michele Payn-Knoper, Cause Matters, about using digital and social media in ag.

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