Truffle Media update for Oct 2, 2009, What is agriculture's push into social media?

What is happening in agriculture new/social media?
  • Know Your Farmer: Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack and Deputy Secretary Kathleen Merrigan announced the Know Your Farmer initiative as a way to begin a national conversation to help develop local and regional food systems and spur economic opportunity. Social and new media tools to engage people include Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, YouTube, and blogs.
  • College Aggies Online, is a joint venture of the Animal Agriculture Alliance and American National CattleWomen, Inc. that connects college students from across the country who are interested in promoting agriculture. The online community provides resources to students on key issues to help them better utilize tools such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter to share agriculture's story with the public.
  • I Love Farmers... They Feed My Soul is out to help the young generation understand the importance of knowing where our food comes from and who produced it. The goal is to use media that young adults use today (including clothing, tattoos, social media, and music) in conjunction with stories about how food is produced to raise the level of discussion around food production.
Social and new media conversations that might be of value to you:
  • Google Wave is now getting full speed testing! What will Google Wave do for communications? The main online communications method, email, is based on a set of processes created more than 30+ years ago. Google Wave is setting out to change that approach so that the interaction and visualization of "online communication [is] more richly collaborative, multidimensional, efficient, and instantaneous". Marketing Profs offers several reviews on what this might look like for marketers and journalists.
  • Email Marketing Benchmarks for Small Business is a helpful table to gage, roughly, how your email marketing campaigns are progressing. Key to using this type of information: Look at the trends of a campaign over time, not the number for a single campaign (a single data point does not a trend make).
Truffle Media hightlights
  • Allen D. Leman Swine Conference highlights include a great presentation by Dr. Kristien Van Reeth on the recent developments in swine influenza (SIV) plus Charlie Arnot shares what consumers want.
  • World Dairy Expo is going on right now. For those that could not be there or if you missed something, there are lots of media sources to utilize. Truffle Media put together a small sample of the realtime conversations available, aggregated with Social Mention, Google News, and Technorati.

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