Truffle Media Update for October 5, 2010, Social And New Media Are Not "Set-it and Forget-it" items

Marketing Posts To Help You

  1. Goats on the Roof of Your Shop? - Marketing, in its basic form, is about getting people interested in a product, idea or cause. Sometimes that can lead to some crazy attention getters. This article highlights what can happen when two people have the same crazy marketing tactic.
  2. Fastest-Growing PR Stunt: Get Into Guinness Records - Continuing along the lines of extreme approaches to marketing, this article shares how companies are looking to breaking records, getting in the Guinness Book Of World Records, and gaining some attention for their product. But what are the risks?
  3. Audio: Social/New Media Is Not a "Checkoff" a Set-it & Forget-it Item - Mark Gale, Charleston|Orwig, makes the observation that social and new media cannot be a communications "check-off" item. Companies need to make commitments in people, hours, and tools to successfully utilize the web.
  4. Who's Keynoting For Blog World? - Blog World and New Media Expo, October 14-16, has announced their keynote line up, including Scott Stratten, President UnMarketing; Jim Louderback CEO, Revision 3; Brian Clark CEO, Copyblogger; and Adam Carolla Founder, ACE Broadcasting. This is the event to discover what is happening in media (new & social), technology, and marketing.
  5. What Is Loyalty? - Seth Godin offers this thought: "If your offering is always better, you don't have loyal customers, you have smart ones. Don't brag about how loyal your customers are when you're the cheapest or you have clearly dominated some key element of what the market demands. That's not loyalty. That's something else."

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You Need To Know: Agricultural Stories Being Told

  1. What Occurred At The Leman Swine Conference? - Management and production information that can be put to immediate use plus perspectives on animal agriculture legislative actions.
  2. Video: The Baler Rolls - a song about baling hay - "The Singing Dairyman" strikes again, this time with an off-key melody about baling hay. Will Gilmer, Gilmer Dairy Farm, shares his penchant for singing while working.
  3. Connecting Food, Nutrition, and Farms - Learn more about what dietitians and nutritionists think about food, how they write about it, and where they connect with farms.
  4. Food Safety News - Food safety is again in the media and is of increasing concern to consumers. Food Safety News is an important resource to understand food safety issues, legal points of view, and details on recalls.
  5. Translating Science Behind Food and Ag to Non-Farmers - How can scientists change their communication to help non-farmers understand their science? What's the best method to convey science to producers? This AgChat discussion shares thoughts from farmers, ranchers, scientists, and consumers.
  6. Audio: How Can Those In Agriculture Share Their Story? - The Agvocacy 2.0 Training conference convened 60 people in agriculture who also are focused on telling their agriculture story to a broad non-farm audience. This wrap-up provides insight and perspective from the event. Also, the conference saw the video release of the Evolution of Online Agvocacy.

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