Truffle Media Update for November 18, 2010, #FoodThanks for the holidays.

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Marketing Posts To Help You

  1. #FoodThanks - The AgChat Foundation is looking to expand awareness on how food is part of the holiday social center piece by saying "#FoodThanks" to those who help bring us food. "Sometimes the simplest expression of gratitude are the most profound. This Thanksgiving season, we encourage you to use social media to show just how thankful you are for the food we enjoy every day. In doing so, we will also be thanking those many people and industries who bring food to our tables."
  2. The Emperor Has No Clothes! - The recent article, "The Future of Advertising " in FastCompany, calls out the agency marketing/PR/advertising business model for what it has been. Many of the thoughts in the article have been "known" but few dared to admit it. Will agricultural advertising change?
  3. Top Retailers Sold on Facebook, Twitter for Marketing - Marketing Profs offers a set of data on how main stream retailers are faring with social media campaigns. “National retailers are marketing via social networking channels—particularly Facebook, but also Twitter—at increasing levels, integrating their online and physical properties via those channels and using their rapidly increasing fan and follower bases to build stronger brand experiences, according to a report by Media Logic."
  4. Are Surveys Misleading? 7 Questions for Better Market Research - We all use surveys in the course of discovering insights and data about our customers / markets. But is our approach really getting us information we can use? MarketingSherpa shares some thoughts on how to help us improve our approach to surveys.

You Need To Know: Agricultural Stories Being Told

  1. Connecting Food and Farm - Jennifer Perillo, Food Editor, Working Mother magazine, recipe developer, writer, editor and mama of two joined Foodchat for a conversation on how those in food and those in farm can connect.
  2. Why Should The Urban Vote Be Top Of Mind? - Based on the Missouri election map, those in agriculture need to step up with feeling, engaging, and heartfelt stories in the urban regions about their farm operations, how they feel about their animals, etc. If they do not, in the next proposition round, or the round after that, there will be strong efforts to restrict animal agriculture.
  3. Anti-Posilac Billboard Campaign Rejected - There are effort by the Breast Cancer Action group to utilize hometown bill board marketing to challenge Eli Lilly and Company's Elanco division Posilac product and how it is used.
  4. How Can You Build Consumer Confidence Before, During, and After An Incident? - Putting in to operation a public health dashboard for your farm or ranch operation can go a long way toward increasing customer and consumer confidence in your products and your industry. Imagine how a public health dashboard could have assisted the public, consumers, and partners when Hillandale Farms had to work through their recall of more than half a billion eggs.

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