Truffle Media update, Virtual Walking the Pens and FoodChat

Aug 18th, 2009

What is being said in agriculture new/social media?
  • From Pfizer Animal Health A new version of the Virtual Walking the Pens game was released July 24. This digital game helps swine producers learn about production and management practices through digital gaming. The Virtual Walking the Pens game releases a new scenario each month and allows swine care takers to compete online against other growers throughout the nation. Test your swine production management skill at the Virtual Walking the Pens – Interactive 3D Training Simulation (hear interview below).
  • From Canada Online Social Networking and Your Agri-Business. The Government of Alberta, Agriculture and Rural Development, is encouraging agribusiness and farming operations to include social media / new media into their marketing plans. Discover more on how it can enhance agri-business.
  • Reminder: #foodchat August 18, 8pm - 10pm EDT. Participate in the conversation and learn more about Back to School Nutrition.
New media & social information that might be of value to you:
  • From Blog Indiana: Panel Q&A, August 14, 2009, audio of Chris Brogan, Krista Neher, Amy Stark, Chris Baggott, and Chris Lucas on blogging and social media.
  • Ways to connect on Twitter: Are you looking for connections on Twitter? Best way is to participate in real time discussions that occur throughout the week. To learn more, review the Twitter Chats group list on Google Docs. Major groups include #JournChat (journalism) and #pr20chat (public relations).
Send us a note if you are using new / social media in agriculture and we will include it in next Truffle update. Ag Media Conversations:

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