Truffle Media's 3 Words for 2012

Truffle Media Networks Three Words For 2012
I was recently reminded of Chris Brogan's "My 3 Words for 2011" (plus 2010, 2009, and 2008) and thought how I would apply this to Truffle Media Networks.

One of the recommended approaches is to
"think long and hard about what these words will mean for you, how you can sum up an entire PERSPECTIVE into these words, and how you can use them as guideposts for your actions in the coming year."
So in this spirit I take a jab at creating the three words and share the deeper why.

Delegate. Great companies can't do it all. There are some tasks that just are not a good fit for a company to take on. Yet they have to have the task completed. They find someone to take on the work and get it done. Delegate, outsource, assign, whatever the word, they found the balance of getting tasks done.

Delegate. My grandmother was a great delegator. She was able to accomplish many great things in her community because she was able to discover the talents of her friends, family, colleagues, and associates, and, when the time came, make the ask. Part of delegation is learning to let go of the task and accept the outcome of the completed task. My grandmother was good at that. Yes, she had a set of standards. But she incorporated those standards into her talent identification process.

Delegate. Truffle Media Networks is a small organization with lots of ideas. We have to prune the ideas to a manageable level but still there are tasks we just don't have the internal resources to do. Historically we have killed ideas because we didn't have the people power. But that also meant we killed off possible products, maybe for the wrong reason. We need to look at what we truly want to do and figure out how to get it done. Delegate.

Deliver. That is what you expect from your local pizza place. If they don't deliver you stop ordering from them.

Deliver. You expect delivery from your home town newspaper. However, delivery gets a bit more complicated with a newspaper. The first part of deliver is "Did the paper get delivered this morning?", an easy thing to confirm. But newspapers must also deliver on the stories, and this gets very subjective in the news media business. Is the paper delivering on my expectations as a news channel for me? Is the newspaper delivering in its mission to be the neighborhood information and editorial source?

Deliver. The Truffle Media Networks team has been in the digital agriculture media world since late 2004. The aim originally was to leverage these things called iPods to bring relevant ag information and updates to top tier agri-producers, with the tag line "Podcasting With A Purpose". In late 2009 we changed the tag line to "Ag Media You Can Use" because we believed ag information for information's sake was not helpful, but ag media that you could actually use was definitely needed. However, in 2011 we don't believe we have really lived up to that tag line. So we either de(live)er on that or move on. Deliver.

Visible. I see my US mail delivery people certainly weekly. I know when they (there are two, sharing the route) will arrive. I know what to expect and they know who I am. They are visible.

Visible. I don't see my congressperson very much. I sometime forget who it is, except when they want to get (re)elected. Even then they are not visible in my part of the world. They are selectively visible whenever they want something.

Visible. Truffle Media Networks is visible in a variety of ways but are we visible and remembered? We attend ag focused events. We share an email update with our audience in a regular basis. We participate in ag related social media communities. But are we selectively visible, only showing up when we want something? We believe to be truly helpful we need to be visible when we don't need something. We need to be visible to help agri-professionals do their job better. Visible.

Delegate, Deliver, Visible. These are the three words Truffle Media Networks will use as guideposts for 2012. What are your three words?

Happy New Year,
John Blue