Weaving the story

I attended the Communication in a New Age Digital World session at the 2008 Indiana - Council for the Advancement and Support of Education (I-CASE) conference. Some of the interesting points:

  • Can you weave a story with the various forms of media collected? Sounds obvious but it takes real focus to pull the pieces together to tell a story.
  • Erika Smith, from the Indianapolis Star, answered the question of "control" of what is in blog/feeds/posts... It is not about control but how you respond to it. Great point.
  • Amy Stark, Stark Reality, presented some interesting points about the world is changing. One of the data points used is the popular Did You Know video.
  • Brett McLaughlin, from the IU Foundation, commented on the IU Foundation's effort to create a new web site for the visitor instead of "them"; many web sites are really about themselves instead of for the audience. I was not surprised by the time it took for the IU Foundation to create their new site... 1 year plus. Read the Mythical Man Month to understand my point of view...
  • I got a reminder of the super work done by the Digital Ethnography team at Kansas State University. This is where media is being pulled together to tell a story, many without spoken words but with good music to evoke emotion.
  • Use of Facebook to recruit students and bring entering classes together quicker; Rose Hulman is doing this.
  • Seth Godin and his bite sized books were mentioned.