What is Data Driven Farming?

Being able to mentally manage multiple plots of land, their associated soil properties, and the weather is no longer possible. However, the availability of computing power in multiple consumable sizes makes gathering, organizing, and using farm data much easier.

"I don't want to do this. My eyes will get bad," said Mr. Shinpuku, the 58-year-old president of his commercial farm Shinpuku Seika, which is comprised of 300 different plots of land. "I put up with it, because the benefits are obvious. Without this computer, I can't do my job."

Technology provides faster analysis and presentation of multiple forms of data. This allows Mr. Shinpuku to adjust in a timely fashion. This approach will help grow more food at less cost.

The Japanese technology firm Fujitsu Ltd helped put in the field remote sensors, provide cloud based analysis tools, and simplify access to information through smartphones.