What is your social media read evaluate decide loop?

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What is your read evaluate decide loop?

With all these ways to send messages, share thoughts, have conversations, there is a sense of too many things and a bit too much chaos. When starting out this is fine. But after a while there is a need to weed out the things that are not working for you and bring focus on those that do (This presumes you know what "working for you" means:).

Having experimented and played and shared conversations with people (Brogan has lots to share! ) I have narrowed the public facing Truffle tools to Twitter, LinkedIn, and the core Truffle blogs. Oh, Flickr is in there too. And email (still a useful tool).

With these tools I have developed a read, evaluate, decide loop that I use to connect, share, discover, and act. Without some sense of process I would be all over the map and not able to achieve what I am aiming to do. Weekly, I have a set of actions I need to do to help make change happen for Truffle Media and our customers. What does that include? Read: Discovering interesting items. Evaluate: Sharing those via the tools. Decide: Linking those items to ideas others have suggested. Connect with my team mates. Update our partners. Aim to improve the business environment. Measure.

What I have not said here is I Twitter, Facebook, or Link(ed)-In. This are just tools. I need to how to use them so the tool does not become the focus but the results become the focus. How many of you have said "I used the Pencil today!"? What you really did was express and idea and share it.

So what is your business read evaluate decide loop?