Feedburner helps share Truffle Media Networks shows

Feedburner is one of the key services Truffle uses to share show information with anyone who wants it. Feedburner "is the leading provider of media distribution and audience engagement services for blogs and RSS feeds." What this means is information we make available on, say SwineCast.com, can be utilized in many ways.

One great way is listening to the SwineCast show on iTunes. Behind the magic wall SwineCast provides show information, via an Feedburner RSS feed, to the iTunes store so that you the listener do not need to think or worry about how to get SwineCast on their iPod. Try it! Start up iTunes on your computer, click on the iTunes store, search for "SwineCast", and then click on subscribe. Or, using the same Feedburner feed, provide a direct link on the SwineCast home page to add SwineCast to iTunes. Click on example icon below:
Add to iTunes Add SwineCast to iTunes

Another way Feedburner helps the Truffle show network is provide consistancy in delivering information. Feedburner allows us provide album art, copyright notices, and catelog information for each show series and deliver that information to anyone who uses the RSS feed.

Lastly, Feedburner and RSS gives us the ability to share information across shows. For example, some of Dennis DiPietre's blog posts on SwineCast are shared with BeefCast, DairyCast, PoultryCast, and CropVillage using the power of RSS feeds.

Again, more information on feeds and RSS can be found at the Feed 101 page.