Association for Downloadable Media releases draft new media standards

The Association for Downloadable Media (ADM, not to be confused with Archer Daniels Midland Company !) released draft new media standards this week (April 17 2008) and made them open for comment. There are two drafts for standard consideration: Advertisement Unit Standards and the Download Measurement Guidelines. The place to comment on the ADM draft standard is the standards host page.

What do standards these mean for Truffle Media and others in the new media space? These standard, if adopted, will help bring consistency to answering questions like "How many people listened to this episode?" or "What were the total number of downloads for a show series?". While there have been guides and some metrics from various providers (like Libsyn), there has been no great way to compare content providers, advertisers, and services in some meaningful way.

Please feel free to contact me on your thoughts as I am participating in the development of these standards.