Bringing Farm To Fork Message to Consumers


The term "Farm to Fork" reminds us that food comes from the farm and finally gets to us by a fork (a US/European point of view, chops sticks anyone?). IBM has been running a series of campaigns that promote how their technology is helping the planet become a better place in areas like education, energy, and food.

According to an IBM Institute for Business Valuesurvey, two of every five U.S. and U.K. consumers say safety concerns dictate what food they will—and won't—purchase.

IBM offers some examples of Smarter Food: Analysis technologies to help improve crop yields and making harvesting practices more efficient; radio frequency identification (RFID) tracking of meat products from the farm to supermarket shelf; research into understanding food protein structures; and sequencing the genome that makes cocoa, the key ingredient of chocolate (video on YouTube), to help produce higher cocoa plant yields and resist drought and pests.