Truffle Media Update for May 11, 2011, What Are Consumers' Role in Ag Production Practices?

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Marketing Posts To Help You

  1. New Tech Tricks & Tips - Staying up on technology is sometimes a job by itself! This AgChat conversation highlights some tools, ideas, and resources to stay ahead. Special Guest  Gina Schreckbrings perspective on approaches to technology use.
  2. Finding Things In Twitter - Twitter's search tool works fine, bringing back tweets that seem to fit. But Twazzup adds some salsa by organizing the links mentioned in tweets and who is participating in using the search term. It makes the Twitter search site seem pretty dull.
  3. Fleeting Information - Being able to find things is an everyday question for most people using computers. For the web, the main search tools are still Google and Bing. But there are other search tools to consider. Blekko is an alternative search engine that "uses what it calls 'slashtags' to group results into several categories and deliver results that are relevant and not spammy."

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Agriculture Telling its Story

  • Video: What Are Consumers' Role in Production Practices? - Charlie Arnot, CEO, Center for Food Integrity, shares how consumers' perceptions and roles in understanding current and future production practices is important. What role should those in agriculture play to help address the growing population's need to have food and be healthy?
  • Video: Can Communicating with Consumers Help In Agriculture? - When surveyed, 69% of consumers say people can get foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) from infected meat, and many confuse FMD with bovine spongiform encephalopathy or BSE. To help better prepare the animal agriculture industry before outbreaks occur, Dairy Management Inc., The Pork Checkoff, and the National Cattlemen's Beef Association are working together to provide producers with the tools to help inform and educate consumers that FMD is not a threat to people and does not affect the safety of meat or milk. This presentation by Cindy Cunningham, Assistant VP of Communications, National Pork Board, shares the current state of the Cross Species FMD Communications Team.
  • Two issues facing the world: food versus population - Population growth and increased per-capita consumption are driving global changes to how food is produced and distributed. Dr. Douglas Southgate, Jr. Professor of Agricultural, Environmental, and Developmental Economics, The Ohio State University, highlights several of the issues that will cause stress in the system of food production to support a slowing growing population.
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