SwineCast Update for May 12, 2011, Who Is Driving Consumer Education Efforts?

Agriculture continues to build bridges to today's food-conscious consumer, embracing many initiatives.  Several ideas were discussed at the recent Animal Agriculture Alliance Stakeholders Summit in Alexandria, VA.  Truffle Media, as a sponsor of the event, is privileged to share many of those presentations with you over the next several weeks.

One such presentation on a new Iowa effort, the Iowa Food and Family Project, is to introduce the state's farmers to consumers.

SwineCast® Conversations

  • Audio: Who Is Driving Consumer Education Efforts? - Consumer education efforts are central to your ability to continue business for the long haul.  Why we do what we do when we do it,  Aaron Putze, Director External Relations, Iowa Soybean Association, joins the conversation with these selected comments from his presentation at the recent Animal Ag Alliance Stakeholders Summit.
  • Audio: How Were Japanese Livestock Resources Affected By Earthquake-Tsunami? - U.S. Meat Export Federation President Phil Seng just returned from an extended stay in Japan and discusses the areas impacted by the recent natural disasters and the resulting impact on Japan's consumers and imports of U.S. agricultural products.

Agriculture Telling its Story

  • Video: Can Communicating with Consumers Help In Agriculture? - The Pork Checkoff, Dairy Management Inc., and the National Cattlemen's Beef Association are working together to provide producers with the tools to help inform and educate consumers that foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) is not a threat to people and does not affect the safety of meat or milk. This presentation by Cindy Cunningham, Assistant VP of Communications, National Pork Board, shares the current state of the Cross Species FMD Communications Team.
  • Video: What are the 5 key legal approaches being used against agriculture? - Today agriculture is the target of many organizations that aim to misconstrue or distort claims about farming and thus injuring producers. Chris McDonald, Partner, Shook, Hardy & Bacon L.L.P., shares a presentation on Legal Challenges and Ramifications of Food Production Systems and Food Safety, from the 2011 Annual Conference of the National Institute for Animal Agriculture, April 11 - 14, San Antonio, TX USA.
  • World Food Prices - World food prices have been increasing for the last several months. What are some of the issues and how are consumers approaching the issue? This FoodChat conversation brings perspective from those in ag and food experts.
  • Missouri Gets Farm Nuisance Lawsuit Bill - Missouri Governor Jay Nixon signed legislation that limits nuisance lawsuits against animal farm operations. This legislation, put into action because of the large number of repeated suits brought against large animal farm operations, will limit the number of nuisance suits allowed.

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