SwineCast update for May 26, 2011, Pork Production Masters Program?

The World Pork Expo is the June Industry Event.  SwineCast will be there all three days to listen and learn... then share conversations and presentations in the weeks following.  Boehringer-Ingelheim also is updating the PRRS Area Regional Control Team and you can keep up to date via the videos which will be online at SwineCast.com following the conference.

And be sure to check out the "Executive Pork Producers Program" continuing education conversation with Dr. Jim Lowe.  This new program at the University of Illinois may be just what you're looking for.

A recent Chicago Mercantile Exchange newsletter discusses a "Demand Destruction" paper published at the University of Illinois.  We quote the newsletter/article...

Do high product prices 'destroy demand'? ...The demand for a product, by definition, encompasses the negative relationship between the price of a commodity and the quantity that end users are wiling to consume or, in the case of an intermediary good, use in another productive process. That negative relationship means less quantity consumed at high prices and more quantity consumed at low prices. So one question might be "Do low prices 'construct' or 'build' demand?" That, of course would be the converse of the article title."

Good stuff.  Thanks to Dr. Steve Meyers for bring it to our attention.  If you're not on the CME Daily Livestock Report newsletter mailing list, click here: http://www.dailylivestockreport.com/subscribe.asp

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