SwineCast Update for June 24, 2011, Can We Move Towards Pricing Transparency In Hog Markets?

World Pork Expo provides an abundance of new product information in every area of production, and the National Pork Board utilized the venue to introduce the new "Pork Carbon Footprint Calculator." 

The tool, assembled by the University of Arkansas, allows the user to input information from today's operation and evaluate several 'What If' scenarios.  You can also enter historical data to see where you may have improved your output even before the days of 'Carbon Footprint' heightened awareness.  Producers also note the tool works well to review energy use in your operation for possible improvements

Keep an eye on the SwineCast website for additional presentations and programs of interest from the 2011 World Pork Expo.
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SwineCast® Conversations

  • Audio: Moving Towards Pricing Transparency In Hog Markets - Mark Legan, Indiana Producer and National Pork Producers Association Board Member, discusses efforts to ensure accurate price discovery and reporting in light of changing delivery trends.
  • Audio: How To Determine Your Operations Carbon Footprint - National Pork Board unveiled its new "Pork Carbon Footprint Calculator" at World Pork Expo.  Producers say it's also a good 'What If' tool for energy use in your operation.
  • Audio: Economic Outlook Cloudy With A Chance Of Rain - Dr. Steve Meyers, Paragon Economics, shares his industry outlook with the media pool at World Pork Expo.  He notes a wide variation in producer profitability based on use of good risk management practices.
  • Video: Importance of Traceability in Protecting USA Export Trade - Marcine Moldenhauer, Meat Link, LLC, explains the importance of traceability in protecting USA export trade. - From the 2011 Annual Conference of the National Institute for Animal Agriculture, April 11 - 14, San Antonio, TX USA.
  • Video: Innovative Campaigns to Improve Ag's Image - Aaron Putze, Director External Relations, Iowa Soybean Association, shares how farmers and producers in Iowa are developing several campaigns like theIowa Food and Family and the Live Healthy Iowa Kids projects to help agri-professionals own the message, develop a model of transparency, and be involved in conversations with consumers.

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