Truffle Media Update for July 31, 2011, Data-Driven Blogging and the Advantage of Editorial Calendars

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  1. Data-Driven Blogging and the Advantage of Editorial Calendars - Maintaining a corporate blog has many business benefits; both for search engine optimization (SEO) and from a lead generation perspective. This post provides some approaches to developing a set of tactics to corporate blogging and its potential impact on SEO.
  2. Audio: Your first Ag job, finding the best fit - From the 2011 Ag Media Summit, Brandon Souza ( @btsouza), Account executive with AdFarm, keynotes the ACT Workshop titled: Making a solid career choice, finding the best fit for your first job.
  3. Audio: Better whip up – They’re gaining on you! - From the 2011 Ag Media Summit, Dr. Scott Vernon ( @DrJSV), Professor at Cal Poly State University, San Luis Obispo, presents an entertaining look at the next generation of ag communicators, highlighting what millennials worry about and expect in their career.
  4. Who attended the 2011 Agricultural Media Summit? - The Ag Media Summit was in New Orleans. Many of agriculture's journalists, writers, and media were there to learn about trends in writing, technology, journalism, and agriculture. Who was there? The attendee list is available plus an interactive geographical map shows where everyone was from. What type of companies are being represented? This chart highlights the industry segments.
  5. What Are Agriculture and Food Carbon and Energy Footprints? - There is a prevalent consumer view that local food consumes less energy. On the surface this view sounds logical. Food from California must cost more in energy than food from Granny Smith Farms 15 miles away. However, what is not usually thought about is energy usage in food is not just about transportation. Looking at the total system view of food reveals that choosing local food may not actually have a lower energy, or carbon, foot print.
  6. Milk Quality Economic Opportunity Dashboard - This utility helps look at milk quality and the economic impacts. Developed by Jeffrey Bewley, PhD, PAS, Department of Animal and Food Sciences, College of Agriculture, University of Kentucky.

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