BeefCast Update for September 26, 2011, Dr. Temple Grandin believes handling procedures have improved dramatically

Agriculture Telling its Story

  • Audio: How Can Your Experience Impact Others? - From DairyCast: Dr. Robert Joss, Professor of Finance, Dean Emeritus of the Stanford Graduate School of Business, shares his Top 10 Life Lessons with a group about to graduate.  These thoughts are applicable regardless of your position on the journey.
  • Audio: How Do You Ensure Animal Handling Policy Compliance? From DairyCast: Colorado State's Dr. Temple Grandin believes handling procedures have improved dramatically over the past decade but harbors concern for the 10% of handlers that shouldn't be near animals.
  • Hay: Fall Grazing - How are you handling your fall grazing? Do you use rotational or continuous grazing systems? HayTalk shares some tips and thoughts to help you with your fall grazing plans.
  • Is There a Disconnect Between Consumers and Farmers? - The U.S. Farmers & Ranchers Alliance released survey information during their Food Dialogues Town Hall indicating a large disconnect in the US between agricultural production practices and consumer preferences. The full survey is available from
  • Antibiotic Use in Food Animals: A Dialogue for a Common Purpose - The National Institute for Animal Agriculture is hosting a symposium on the use of antibiotics in feed animals in Chicago, IL, Oct 26 - 27, 2011. The agenda covers topics from "Human Health Implications Relative to Antibiotic Use" to "Antibiotics in Food Animal Production"

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