Truffle Media Update for October 12, 2011, What Food Story Are You Sharing?

On September 22 the US Farmers & Ranchers Alliance hosted a Food Dialogue Town Hall. The event generated over 5,000 tweets and had a peek impression rate of about 3.8 million. Artifacts from the event include many blog posts and articles. The audio and video of the event are available at USFRA's web site.

While this was a singular event, the food conversation has not stopped. October 16 is World Food Day with a supporting focus on food from Blog Action Day, also on October 16. Then on October 24th there is Food Day. And on October 25-26 there is the Food System Summit.

These food related events have some overlap in their topic, food. Who doesn't want to eat? Yet each group's mission, belief, and focus have some conflicting interests. Whatever your personal beliefs, each of these conversations are a must follow if you have any clients or interest in agriculture, food, or having conversations with consumers. Even better, this is a great opportunity to participate by sharing a story or two about how you see agriculture and food.

Follow or use the hashtags #BAD11 (Blog Action Day), #FoodD (Food Dialogues) , #FoodDay (Food Day), and #CFI11 (Food System Summit).

Some additional food/agriculture hashtags to track include #FoodChat, #food, #harvest11, #AgChat, and #organic.

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Marketing and Agriculture Posts To Help You

  1. What Are Information Expectations From Those In Ag? - Amongst agriculture communicators, many are familiar with webinars, online media consumption, and using a smart phone. However 62% feel they are beginners or have no expertise in search engine optimization (SEO). Additionally, 64% believe social media will be more important than email in the next several years, as a way to communicate with those in agriculture. This information is from a survey Truffle Media conducted in August 2011 (PDF).
  2. SwineCast video: What should we do about flu? - Dr. Montserrat Torremorell, University of Minnesota, presenting the Hanson Lecture, asks "What should we do about flu?". Dr. Torremorell shares how the pig plays a part in the lifecycle of various forms of flu. From the 2011 Allen D. Leman Swine Conference, September 17-20, 2011, St Paul, MN USA.
  3. DairyCast Audio: Producer Meets Consumer At CFI's Food System Summit The Center for Food Integrity's Charlie Arnot overviews the Food System Summit program October 25-26 in Chicago.
  4. PoultryCast Audio: Have You Lined Out Your Life Lessons? - Robert Joss, Professor of Finance, Dean Emeritus of the Stanford Graduate School of Business, shares his Top 10 Life Lessons with a group about to graduate. These thoughts are applicable regardless of your position on the journey.
  5. FYI, the National FFA Convention is October 19-22 in Indianapolis (tag is #FFAconv11), the Food System Summit program is October 25-26 in Chicago (follow #CFI11), followed by the National Institute For Animal Agriculture's Antibiotic Use In Food Animals Conference, October 26-27 (tag is #NIAA_Comm), also in Chicago. The Truffle Team will be these events, send us a note and we can share a story or two (

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