SwineCast Update for October 14, 2011, What Is 2.0 Feed Efficiency?

Next week is the National FFA Convention (October 19-22) in Indianapolis (tag is #FFAconv11), followed the next week by the Food System Summit program (October 25-26) in Chicago (follow #CFI11), with the National Institute For Animal Agriculture's Antibiotic Use In Food Animals Conference on October 26-27 (tag is #NIAA_Comm), also in Chicago.

The SwineCast Team will be these events, send us a note and we can share a story or two (SwineCast@TruffleMedia.com).

SwineCast® Conversations

  • Audio: At The Meeting Goes Deep On Swine Influenza - Dr. Bob Morrison reviews the Emerging and Re-Emerging Diseases of Swine conference held in Barcelona, Spain. The episode provides a refresh of the influenza virus with updates from the conference.
  • Video: Essential Links in a Successful Breeding Management Program - Dr. George Foxcroft, University of Alberta, Edmonton, gives the Pijoan Lecture at the 2011 Allen D. Leman Swine Conference. He talks about genes, gametes and gestation outcomes: essential links in a successful breeding management program.
  • Audio: Walking The Leman Conference - Dr. Tara Donovan, The Hanor Company, and Ned Arthur review the Leman Confernece program and highlight the presentations.
  • 2011 Leman Swine Conference presentations - The 2011 Leman Swine Conference SwineCast page has been updated to include several additional presentations. The presentations are organized by their conference track (Keynotes, 2.0 Feed Efficiency, Grow/Finish, Gene replacement, PRRS CAP, Keynotes, Water, and Coffee Shop).
  • Digital: What Do Farmers, Ranchers, and Marketers Expect? - In a survey conducted Q2 2011, 87% of swine producers listed email as their most valuable communications tool today, with newsletters and magazine at 39% and 25%.

FYI, October 16 is World Food Day with a supporting focus on food from Blog Action Day, also on October 16. Then on October 24th there is Food Day. And on October 25-26 there is the Food System Summit.

These food related events have some overlap in their topic, food. Who doesn't want to eat? Yet each group's mission, belief, and focus have some conflicting interests. What ever your personal beliefs, each of these conversations are a must follow if you have any clients or interest in agriculture, food, or having conversations with consumers. Even better, this is a great opportunity to participate by sharing a story or two about how you see agriculture and food.

Follow or use the hashtags #BAD11 (Blog Action Day), #FoodD (Food Dialogues) , #FoodDay (Food Day), and #CFI11 (Food System Summit).

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