DairyCast update for October 21, 2011, Forage Overview From World Dairy Expo

A conversation from World Dairy Expo and the recent Town Hall conversation from the U.S. Farmers & Ranchers Alliance heads up the list at DairyCast.com this week. 

Forage is always in focus at World Dairy Expo and our congratulations to Kelli Hinman of Wheatland, WY, named Grand Champion Forage exhibitor.  We spent some time with agronomist Jon Erickson discussing growing conditions this year and harvest yield comments. Link to more information on the World Forage Analysis Superbowl Winners.

A unique group of producers, consumer advocates, retailers and processors connected at the U.S. Farmers & Ranchers Alliance Food Dialogues Town Hall meeting recently. The multi-venue program allowed for insights from the panel as well as attending guests and questions from the audience.  You'll want to view the full proceedings here.
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  • Audio: What Are Top Consumer Concerns? The U.S. Farmer & Rancher Alliance worked to reach across the aisle with the recent 'Food Dialogues Town Hall Meeting'. The nation wide conversation featured four locations and top agrimarketers, retailers and consumer advocates. Today we share a few comments from the opening session in Washington, D.C.
  • Audio: Forage Overview From World Dairy Expo This conversation with Mycogen Seeds customer agronomist Jon Erickson overviews comments from World Dairy Expo, outcomes from the forage contest and takes in production issues across the growing region.
  • Audio: Get The Right People On Your Management Team - Jack Welch, guest MIT's Sloan School of Management, shares on the issues of leadership and management planning.
  • AgChat Open Topics Who do you rely on to help you maintain your sense of humor during #harvest11? Do you think consumers have trouble finding answers to their food questions online? Learn what those in ag are doing to connect and share with consumers.
  • What Are Information Expectations From Those In Ag? - Amongst agriculture communicators, many are familiar with webinars, online media consumption, and using a smart phone. However 62% feel they are beginners or have no expertise in search engine optimization (SEO). Additionally, 64% believe social media will be more important than email in the next several years, as a way to communicate with those in agriculture. This information is from a survey Truffle Media conducted in August 2011 (PDF).

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