PoultryCast update for October 21, 2011, Can We Understand The Chinese Perspective?

What does the future of America hold? Some good perspective from a recent video series at the Wall Street Journal titled "America: A Portfolio of Ideas" featured several different perspectives and is highly recommended. To give you a feel for what it holds we share this brief audio featuring John Naisbitt (Megatrends) and Gloria Naisbitt on the influence of culture on our trading relationship with China.

Also of note is the University of Georgia's special Spanish Poultry School. The course, entirely in the Spanish language, will comprise five main subject areas:
  • Good Avian Practices – effects of production, nutrition and ante-mortem handling, water and waste treatment in processing plants.
  • Processing – reception, slaughter, scalding, picking, evisceration, carcass washing, chilling, cut-up, deboning and packaging.
  • Integrated Food Safety – integrated food safety programs in poultry (GAP, GMP and HACCP), export requirements and commercialisation.
  • Value-Added Products – trends, ingredients, marination, coated products, IQF, cooked products, ready-to-eat and packaging.
  • Quality and Culinology – quality parameters, sensory analysis and shelf-life.
For more information click on the Poultry School en español.

Information To Help Your Operations

  • Audio: Can We Understand Chinese Perspective? - A recent special series by the Wall Street Journal looks at America's potential and how international trading relationship will impact our future. Today's podcast features John and Gloria Naisbitt from the "America, A Porfolio of Ideas" series.
  • Audio: Listening To Consumers, Retailers, Foodies and Farmers - An update from the recent 'Food Dialogues Town Hall Meeting' nation-wide webinar from the U.S. Farmer & Rancher Alliance featured four locations and top agrimarketers, retailers and consumer advocates.
  • Audio: Leading Latinos Into Leadership - Consultant Orlando Gil discusses his recent post, "Acres of Diamonds", and updates the industry on opportunities to supplement your management team via the Latino workforce. The Latinos in Agriculture leadership forum is October 27 & 28, 2011, in San Antonio, Texas, registration is still open.
  • What Are Information Expectations From Those In Ag? - With respect to new and social media, here are some things we have observed: across  beef,  dairy,  poultry, swine, and  crop farmers, 30% of the people spent at least 10% of their week reading watching, or listening to industry information. 50% of the people spent 20% or more of their week reading, watching, or listening to industry information.

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