Truffle Media Update for October 28, 2011, LinkedIn, Forage, and Social Sharing

There's a brief fall conference season which includes meetings in Chicago, North Carolina, Omaha and Kansas City. Various groups but some familiar faces at each. Such is the case in Chicago for the NIAA's Antibiotic Use In Animal Agriculture. Truffle Media will be on hand to bring you the presentations (if you couldn't attend) in early November. 

The prior conference, Center for Food Integrity 'Food Systems Summit' is the venue of our most recent post. Dr. Jason Clay, WWF Senior Vice-President, offered his thoughts on meeting the needs of a growing population.  A refreshing thought, to save nature and wildlife, people's needs must come first. Dr. Clay's comments were well received.

Finally, the Marketing Tech Blog shares several items that all marketers need to know about and figure out how to fit them into their plans: the sharing lifecycle and how LinkedIn as a platform is upping its game.
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Marketing and Agriculture Posts To Help You

  1. LinkedIn Enables Company Status Updates - Douglas Karr, author of Corporate Blogging for Dummies, posted a reminder that LinkedIn now has enabled following companies and they put a system in place to post company status updates via an admin process.
  2. SwineCast Audio: Feeding The World Is High Tech - The recent Food Systems Summit pulled together by the Center for Food Integrity provided retail food service and consumer perspectives with much thought provoking interaction. Leading the list of speakers was Dr. Jason Clay of the World Wildlife Fund.  He believes to preserve wildlife and natural habitat, people must come first.
  3. DairyCast Audio: Forage Overview From World Dairy Expo This conversation with Mycogen Seeds customer agronomist Jon Erickson overviews comments from World Dairy Expo, outcomes from the forage contest and takes in production issues across the growing region.
  4. PoultryCast Audio: Can We Understand Chinese Perspective? - A recent special series by the Wall Street Journal looks at America's potential and how international trading relationship will impact our future. Today's podcast features John and Gloria Naisbitt from the "America, A Porfolio of Ideas" series.
  5. Infographic: Social Sharing Statistics - The Marketing Tech Blog shared an infographic showing how things that are shared fare in terms of growth, longevity, and platform.

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