SwineCast Update for November 10, 2011, Pig Breeding for Improved Feed Efficiency

The National Institute for Animal Agriculture's Antibiotic Use In Food Animals conference presentations are now online at both the NIAA website and SwineCast.com. Look through the listing and pick one or more for your management team to share. Truffle Media presentations are available long after the conference concludes. Just copy the link and email to whomever, wherever, whenever. Your Connection at Your Convenience.

A special thanks to JBS-United, along with Boehringer Ingelheim and the NPPC, for their support of our coverage at Omaha's International Conference on Feed Efficiency in Swine. A bang up list of speakers, many of who will join us for conversations in coming days. Iowa State's Dr. John Patience leads the list of guests in this recent post. I also compliment Murphy-Brown's Steve Pollmann for his part in putting the program together. In light of high feed prices that may be here to stay, this practical research and information is needed.

SwineCast® Conversations

  • Audio: Feed Efficiency - Is Net Energy A Better Feed Ration Evaluation? - From the International Conference on Feed Efficiency in Swine, Iowa State's Dr. John Patience shares top considerations from his presentation on energy in the swine ration and best methods of measuring cost of energy.
  • Audio: Maintaining Access To Animal Antibiotics - A wide range of stakeholders in the use of antibiotics in food animals came together under the leadership of the National Institute for Animal Agriculture to discuss issues and concerns. A panel including representatives from poultry, beef, dairy and swine logged in to share thoughts and answer questions in this Q&A audio.
  • Hog Blog: How does MF Global impact the Swine Industry? - AgStar's Steve Malakowsky discusses MF Global, their current bankruptcy, and the issues some producers are experiencing with access to cash.
  • Video: Pig Breeding for Improved Feed Efficiency - Pieter Knap, PIC International, shares how breeding stock relates to feed efficiency, and what actions producers should take. Presented at the International Conference on Feed Efficiency in Swine, November 8, 2011, Omaha, Nebraska, USA.
  • Video: Reaching Out to Consumers - Dr. Mike Lormore, Pfizer Animal Health, shares how producers need to understand consumer issues and respond to the many questions about antibiotics in food animals.

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