Truffle Media Update for November 16, 2011, Can Research Provide Insight On Consumer Decisions?

How is your agriculture conference connection developing? Conferences are more than just the event location, presenters, food, and attendees. Each successive event you plan is building a feeling, a movement, possibly even a brand. To keep that event mythos in the hearts and minds of all involved requires a series of actions that share the experience, information, and value of the conference. Learn more about Conference Connections.
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Marketing and Agriculture Posts To Help You

  1. Do New Klout Scores Predict Influence? - Christopher S. Penn, from Marketing Over Coffee and Director of Strategy at WhatCounts, shares his assessment on the value of Klout scores and what it means for digital marketing campaigns.
  2. Social Media Experts Share Their Approaches - The 2011 National eXtension Virtual Conference brought together an outstanding lineup of speakers for More Mind Reach: Robin Good “How Social Media, Curation and Infotention Will Transform Your Future”; Howard Rheingold “Using Social Media in Learning and Co-learning”; Paulette Robinson "Federal Consortium for Virtual Worlds"; and Clay Shirky author of Cognitive Surplus: Creativity and Generosity in a Connected Age.
  3. SwineCast Audio: Maintaining Access To Animal Antibiotics - A wide range of stakeholders in the use of antibiotics in food animals came together under the leadership of the National Institute for Animal Agriculture to discuss issues and concerns. A panel including representatives from poultry, beef, dairy and swine logged in to share thoughts and answer questions in this Q&A audio.
  4. DairyCast Audio: Can Research Provide Insight On Consumer Decisions? The Center for Food Integrity is a great source of information on consumer buying decisions and industry perceptions. At the recent Food Systems Summit, Charlie Arnot pulled back the curtain on the most recent dataset.
  5. PoultryCast Audio: How Synbiotics Expands Pfizer In-House Diagnostics - Pfizer Animal Health purchased Synbiotics late last year as a key building block in the development of an in-house diagnostics program. Senior Scientist Liz Turpin shares how its potential benefits the end user.
  6. Practical Example of Search Engine Optimization Tactics - In a recent survey of agri-marketers (PDF), 61% ranked as having little or no expertise in search engine optimization (SEO). This article offers a practical example of SEO analysis and action.
  7. Seven Tips When You Develop Your Next Conference - Here are seven actions you can take to keep your event's spirit elevated throughout the year.

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