PoultryCast update for Novemeber 18, 2011, Are You Reaching Out to Consumers?

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Happy Thanksgiving and #FoodThanks to everyone! A #FoodChat conversation shared how holiday and family tradition plays a part in the lives of farmers, ranchers, and producers.

How is your poultry conference connection developing? Conferences are more than just the event location, presenters, food, and attendees. Each successive event you plan is building a feeling, a movement, possibly even a brand.

To keep that event in the hearts and minds of all involved requires a series of actions that share the experience, information, and value of the conference. Learn more about how Truffle Media Networks can help you with your Conference Connections.

Information To Help Your Operations

  • Audio: What Can We Learn From Consumer Research? - At the recent Food Systems Summit, Charlie Arnot, Center for Food Integrity, provided insight on the most recent consumer research series.
  • Audio: Food Marketing Institute Believes Transparency Is A Virtue - Susan Bora, Food Marketing Institute, shares how retailers are aiming to communicate better with consumers. Transparency and foreknowledge are issues which might impact consumer perception.
  • #FoodThanks for Thanksgiving - Are you a turkey or ham family? Prefer Stove Top over your uncle's homemade stuffing? Learn more about how Thanksgiving traditions and activity shape the lives of farmers and ranchers.
  • Video: Reaching Out to Consumers - Dr. Mike Lormore, Pfizer Animal Health, shares how producers need to understand consumer issues and respond to the many questions about antibiotics in food animals.

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