SwineCast Update for November 23, 2011, Are Feed Costs Volatile?

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You'll want to hear analyst Joe Kerns' conversation from the recent K-State Swine Day. His outlook on feed grain availability and pricing will have you feeling thankful as you head into your holiday weekend.

Also, there is a lot of conversations online as we discuss making the consumer connection with speakers from recent conferences and review the importance of the South Korean Free Trade Agreement. NPPC's Nick Giordano sees even more potential in the upcoming Trans Pacific Partnership negotiations. Stay tuned!
How is your swine conference connection developing? Conferences are more than just the event location, presenters, food, and attendees. Each successive event you plan is building a feeling, a movement, possibly even a brand.

To keep that event in the hearts and minds of all involved requires a series of actions that share the experience, information, and value of the conference. Learn more about how Truffle Media Networks can help you with your Conference Connections.

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