DairyCast Update for December 16, 2011, What is Weather Insurance?

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If you could take weather risks out of the picture, how would it change your decision making? The Climate Corporation can do just that with their unique insurance program. Not production insurance, not crop insurance, but weather insurance. 

Good conversations at the recent Food Systems Summit put together by the Center for Food Integrity. Food Safety professional Tony Flood concedes the topic of food safety doesn't concern most consumers, until there's a problem.

Information To Help Your Operations

  • Audio: Food Safety Isn't Interesting... Until It Is - How much time do you spend learning about something you don't think you'll need?  Same with food safety, according to Tony Flood of the International Food Information Council. He says creativity is key.
  • Audio: What is Weather Insurance? - Kyle Perry, Climate Corporation, shares how weather based coverage works above the current US Federal programs. APH database may be tracking yield data that is behind with current crop yields. This presents a risk of not covering yields above the historical trends. The Climate Corporation provides financial instruments to protect those higher yields.
  • Seven steps to extending your agriculture conference: - Conferences may only occur once a year but the conversations and presentations are still good after the event is over. Here are seven actions you can take to extend your conference throughout the year.
  • Video: What are the Challenges in Antibiotic Product Development? - Dr. Scott Brown, Pfizer Animal Health, shares how the challenges in antibiotic product development are being addressed. "Preserving the efficacy of currently available antimicrobials for use in people and animals is a key challenge".

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