SwineCast update for December 22, 2011, Can Genetics Research Affect Efficiency And Health?

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Dr. John Dekkers, Iowa State University, offered insights on the progress of genetics research affecting efficiency. The pigs take another day or two to hit market weight, but the data shows less feed per pound of gain and potentially better response to health challenges.

We've put up several new topical conversations in the last few weeks including corporate sustainability [audio], weather insurance [audio], and PRRS impact on rate of gain [audio]. This is a reminder that every SwineCast program ever published is online and searchable.

Reminder that the Minnesota Pork Congress is January 18-19, in Minneapolis, MN. Of note: The pre-congress ventilation seminar on January 17, the keynote January 18 featuring Haydn Shaw on Leading Across Generations, and the Pork Congress trade show January 18 and 19.

Then the 2012 Iowa Pork Congress, January 25-26, in Des Moines, Iowa offers insight and observations on the swine production, economics, and legislative activities. Don't miss this opportunity to connect with the presentation experts and discover more on the trade show floor.

SwineCast® Conversations

  • Audio: How Genetics Research Affects Efficiency And Health? - Racehorses and workhorses... two different animals. But research at Iowa State is uncovering surprising additional benefits in the animals selected for most efficient use of calories. Dr. Jack Dekkers offers an update on this research via the 2011 International Conference On Feed Efficiency In Swine.
  • Audio: Does PRRS Affect Overall Feed Efficiency? - Animal health is a key factor in maximizing feed efficiency at the farm level.  Dr. Steve Dritz shares his thoughts at the 2011 International Conference on Feed Efficiency in Swine.
  • Seven steps to extending your agriculture conference: - Conferences may only occur once a year but the conversations and presentations are still good after the event is over. Here are seven actions you can take to extend your conference throughout the year.
  • Video: Antibiotic? What, So What, Now What? - Dr. Tom Shryock, Senior Research Advisor of Microbiology, Elanco Animal Health, highlights what initiatives are in development to ensure public health and food safety, with respect to antibiotic use in food animals.
  • Video: Antimicrobial Resistance in Human Health? - Dr. Robert Flamm, Director of Antimicrobial Development, JMI Laboratories, from the 2011 Antibiotic Use In Food Animals conference, October 26-27, 2011, Chicago, IL, USA.

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