SwineCast Update for Decmeber 30, 2011, Do You Have Leadership Traits?

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2011 was an interesting year, with new normals surfacing. Hopefully 2012 will bring some consistency back into the equation. Leadership is anticipating, and preparing for, those black swan issues that we face. In this special episode, Ian Davis, retired McKinsey & Company director, shares his thoughts on leadership. He believes that successful leaders share five traits, independent of their rank in their organization.

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  • Audio: Do You Have Leadership Traits? - Ian Davis, retired Managing Director at McKinsey & Company, recently shared his top five leadership traits with Stanford's Graduate School of Business students. Ian has consulted with major international management leaders, seeing very good... and some not very good management teams. This half hour program is a great thought provoker for your management team and might be a good point of initiation for the 'up and comers' that are ready for advancement [audio][video].
  • 2012 Pork Events Coming Up Soon! - Reminder that the Minnesota Pork Congress is January 18-19, in Minneapolis, MN, followed by the Iowa Pork Congress, January 25-26, in Des Moines. Both of these opportunities offer ways to connect with the experts and discover more on the trade show floors.

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