PoultryCast update for February 11, 2010, Enzyme Supplementation of Corn-Based Diets

We continue to bring you conversations from IPE-IPSF as we talk with presenters following research highlighted at this important industry gathering. Good information for nutritionists given our recent interview with NCSU Grad Student Meghan Schwartz to discuss the effectiveness of enzyme use in broiler diets with and without DDGs. That follows on conversations about mycotoxins and phosphorus content variations in grain related to soil types and points of origination.

PoultryCast also asks you to keep your ear to the ground and stay in touch with your legislator as regards U.S. House Bill 1549, also known as the Slaughter Bill. Animal agriculture in the U.S. stands to lose a lot of ground in access to the products that help ensure animal health and welfare if this gets written into law.

It’s up to you to decide the merits and sources of bacterial resistance, but this bill, as written, requires re-registration in a regulatory time frame which cannot be met. We’ll lose access to products without adequate research and consideration just because the industry can’t meet a government timeline.

And when was the last time government met a deadline?

PoultryCast® Conversations

Enzyme Supplementation of Corn-Based Diets

MP3 fileMeghan Schwartz, NCSU Graduate Research Assistant, discusses her research on "Enzyme supplementation of corn-based diets with or without distillers dried grains with solubles (DDGS) for broilers" at the International Poultry Scientific Forum just prior to International Poultry Expo.

Danisco Researching Grain Phosphorus Content Variations by Location

MP3 fileJanet Remus from Danisco discusses a project which identifies phosphorus content variations in grain sources by location, updating information decades old which is even more important with today's DDGs diets.

Agchat: Agriculture discussions on Social Media channels

Twitter discussionsFarm Equipment discussion.

Twitter discussionsAnimal Care and Welfare discussion. Contains responses to questions, resource links, and transcript of conversations.

YouTubeDairy farming: This is an excellent example of sharing agriculture's story with a broader audience through tools in social media.

PoultryCast® Headliners

Don Tyler

Link to blogA man recently opened his mail to find a note from his bank with a returned check marked "NSF" (for non-sufficient funds.) After hearing all the difficulties that banks are having these days, he called their accounting department and asked, "Is it you……or me?".

Meggie Foster

Link to blogFeeding consumers with what they want to hear With recent national media reports painting grim pictures of the dairy industry and the use of antibiotics in farm animals, it seems the agriculture community has become a serious target in media circles run by the likes of CBS Evening News Correspondent Katie Couric. And whether we like it or not, Couric is a 
strong voice in millions of family homes across the United States, 
unfortunately she is sure to make an impact on consumers choices.

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