CropVillage update for February 10, 2010, Answering Your Neighbors And Legislators Following CBS' Antibiotic Ag Use Story

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What are the Chicago Meat Authority and Frito Lay looking for in new graduates?

MP3 fileContinuing conversations from the fall 2009 Purdue University Agricultural Career Fair with the Chicago Meat Authority and Frito Lay.

Answering Your Neighbors And Legislators Following CBS' Antibiotic in Ag Use Story

From SwineCast: MP3 fileDr. Jen Greiner, from the National Pork Producer's Council, answers questions raised from the recent show CBS aired on antibiotics in animal agriculture. Additionally, The American Feed Industry Association offers additional talking points.

Enzyme Supplementation of Corn-Based Diets

From PoultryCast: MP3 fileMeghan Schwartz, NCSU Graduate Research Assistant, discusses her research on "Enzyme supplementation of corn-based diets with or without distillers dried grains with solubles (DDGS) for broilers" at the International Poultry Scientific Forum just prior to International Poultry Expo.

Agriculture discussions on Social Media channels

Twitter discussionsFarm Equipment discussion.

Twitter discussionsAnimal Care discussion. Contains responses to questions, resource links, and transcript of conversations.

YouTubeDairy farming: This is an excellent example of sharing agriculture's story with a broader audience through tools in social media.

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Don Tyler

Link to blogA man recently opened his mail to find a note from his bank with a returned check marked "NSF" (for non-sufficient funds.) After hearing all the difficulties that banks are having these days, he called their accounting department and asked, "Is it you……or me?".

Meggie Foster

Link to blogTaking one day a month to "have fun" Spending at least one day off a month, or more is one of the most important items in operating a successful farm business, according to Albert Nunes, a CPA with Genske, Mulder & Co. from Modesto, Calif., who made a presentation on financial strategies to get through tough times during the Indiana Livestock, Grain and Forage Forum. In terms of family life, reducing the stress load and keeping a positive attitude, a vacation day or a bit of time off once a month can be tremendously beneficial, he explained.

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